Our mission is to create products which allow the performing musician to create better music with less effort, and to bring that music to an audience more effectively.

Our vision is to serve as a partner to the musician, supplying solutions to the problems he encounters in trying to create his art and transmit it to others.


Company name Sonaresearch Co., Ltd.
Ceo Kiyohiko Yamaya
Established October 22, 2002
Location 1-5-28 Katase, Fujisawashi, Kanagawaken, 251-0032 Japan
Tel +81-466-53-9571
Fax +81-466-53-9572
E-mail info@yamahiko.info
Url https://www.yamahiko.info/
Capital 3 million yen


1981 Founder Kiyohiko Yamaya began acoustic research into double bass and a sound reinforcement method for the instrument at Ikutoku Technical University in Japan.
1985 Completed double bass pickup prototype and began field tests.
1987 Began manufacturing and selling of double bass pickups.
1993 Began development of piano pickup by request from jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani.
1999 Recorded, tracked and mastered a CD entitled Plain Moment by Kuniaki Kudo. Established the Institute of the Environment for Musical Performance. Began joint research with Kanagawa Institute of Technology in musical acoustics. Research reports are available here. Completed piano pickup prototype and began field tests.
2000 Tailored a flute pickup for jazz flutist Jeremy Steig.
2002 Established Sonaresearch Co., Ltd. in October.
2003 Began manufacturing and selling of Piano pickups in Japan.
2010 Began manufacturing and selling of Body pickup for Guitar.