YAMAHIKO Guitar PickupGuitar

Capturing the natural sound from the vibration of the acoustic guitar body, the yamahiko guitar body pickup system requires no additional processing and so is especially suitable for reproducing the unique sounds of vintage guitars.


How to install to the Guitars

Only clamp to the Guitar to install Body Pickup. No need processing to the Guitar.

Sample sound

This guitar pickup using our highly-esteemed unique technology that applied to our pianopickup. It realize natural sound by vibration sensor positioned to fringe of guitar top board.

  • Body Pickup for Guitar CPS-BG1

  • Condenser microphone

Swinging output Jack

This output Jack swinging with Instrument Cable. It can use Instrument Cable 1/4″, but these cables are too heavy for this pickup. Bcause this pickup only clamped to guitar softly, and easy to turn if jack fixed to the body of pickup. This Swing Jack release turning torque from Instrument Cable, and keep attitude of pickup. And pivot point of Swing Jack positioned to anchorage point of the pickup on the back of guitar. anchorage point of the pickup touching to the back of the guitar with silicone rubber softry but not easy to slip by radial force.

Specifications and conditions

About the Guitar thickness It can be attach to the portion of guitar its thickness of 90mm to 150mm (3.54 to 5.9inch).
Output Jack 1/4inch phone jack
Suggested amplifier It have piezo pickup inputs or high impedance (HI Z) inputs.