This is the ultimate line-out sound!!

Yukiko Isomura, in various genres pianist, composer, has a variety of activities as an arranger.
One day, she used a pick-up in her recording yamahiko. Even in her home studio. Before using yamahiko piano pickup, she has recorded piano by microphones.pickup piano is freed from noise and air conditioning.”Now I can work on recording a grand piano closed” She is delighted. She then commented that she likes the sound quality is very clear.

Comparison between Recording model with SR (Sound Reinforcement) model

♪ SR (Sound Reinforcement) model
♪ Recording model

This sample is picked up sounds from BOSS DI-1 DAT using a direct box is a recording. Stereo sound pickup without a single 2 LR (L: low side, R: treble side), and therefore put in, hear the sound of a regular pick-up for each CD and listen in stereo may have a strange feeling like Remasen. If you use a proper recording used to mix the bass and treble side. Please listen to the neighborhood on your understanding.