This is the core of the pickup exchanging the vibration into electric signals. The body frame made of aluminum alloy is light enough and strong as well. Mini-connector, often utilized for industrial sensor, does not add any electric signals of its self-vibration on the original sound signals during the transmission. Because the cable can be removed, it is possible to rotate easily as an adjuster. Because the Mini-connector was installed every 90 degrees, the form of the cable is kept beautiful and detailed height can be adjusted. The height of Bridge changes by about 0.31mmif this sensor is rotated by 90 degrees. Strength of this sensor is equal to the adjuster, and this sensor can be handled just like the adjuster. A repair man who has installed the adjuster will be able to install this sensor. Please refer to the installation drawing (PDF) for details.

The installation cost to Bass is not included in the list price.